No integrations. No apps to download. No more phone calls. Curbside pickup from $9.99 per month.

Curbside Pickup Software in the cloud for less than $10 / month.

It couldn’t be easier.  Give us your email and company name, we email you your store credentials, you offer curbside pickup free for 30 days.

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Why does your business need Curbside Pickup?

Recover lost revenue

Right now you’ve got customers coming back that you know you offer take-our or pickup, but they think they have to come into the store.  Studies show that customers prefer retailers, restaurants, and grocers that offer curbside. If you aren’t providing the service, many customers may be skipping you altogether.

Curbside is here to stay

Big-box retailers are reporting over 1000% increases in curbside pickup usage.  As more and more large retailers offer the service, you have to do the same to compete.  Think eCommerce 15 years ago, or Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) from five years ago.  Customers love curbside when it’s offered; soon, they will be demanding it.

Higher customer retention

Businesses that offer more omni-channel options show 17% higher customer retention (Forrestor research) than those that don’t.  In 2020, omni-channel must include curbside, or your business will fall behind your competitors that are.  Curbspot offered a cloud-based curbside solution for less than $10 / month.  Why wouldn’t you try it?

Key Benefits of Curbspot Cloud

No Integrations

All the other solutions in the market want you to connect to your eCommerce or your BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) solution. We don’t.  You run your business like you always have, and we give you an elegant way for your store associates and your customers to connect.

Launch in 1 Hour

With Curbspot, you and your customers don't need to download any apps or code. Once you sign up, we will provision your custom tailored solution.  You simply select how many stores you need a license for, upload an excel file with your store locations, and we email your store passwords.

No Phones

Eliminate the frustration and inefficiencies of having your customers call you once they reach the store.  Curbspot offers an elegant, modern way for your store associates and customers to communicate.

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Developed by Object Edge

Curbspot was developed by Object Edge, a firm that for 25 years has been bringing innovation and thought leadership to eCommerce and technology. Object Edge serves some of the largest retail and manufacturing brands in the world, and are proud to do their part in helping the world reopen for business.